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AECM Annual meeting 2023 hosted by HDB

Watch the highlights!

Caught on camera! Our participants talked to the camera of HDB

1. Guy Selbherr, President, AECM 2. Athina Chatzipetrou, CEO, HDB 3. Marjut Falkstedt, Chief Executive, EIF 4. Chris Allen, Economic Advisor, European Commission 5. Andreas Bergmann, Policy Officer, European Commission 6. Mateusz Olszak, Director Guarantees and Sureties Department, BKG 7. Konstantinos Makedos, President, TMEDE 8. Andreas Athanasopoulos, Deputy CEO, Eurobank Holdings 9. Ciprian Alic, Head of State Aid Unit, FNGCIMM 10. Haroula Apalagaki, Acting General Director, HBA  11. Burçak İnel, Director of Financing Sustainable Growth, EBF 12. Kaarel Aus, Head of the Enterprise Department, KredEx 13. Junyoung Park, Managing Director, KOREG 14. Marco Neves, CEO, Lisgarante 15. Teresa Duarte, Member of the Board, Norgarante and Agrogarante 16. Seok Kyun Park, Deputy Director Public Relations Office, KOTEC 17. Choi Won-mok, Chairperson & CEO, KODIT 18. Nagla Bahr, President, EMGN 19. Lucia Cusmano, Deputy Head of the Division on Entrepreneurship, OECD 20. Virginie Poncet, Senior Advisor European & International Affairs Department, bpifrance  21.Kurt Leutgeb, Head of Guarantees and Equity, Aws

More info available in the detailed press release: Conclusions of the AECM Annual Meeting – Strengthening the role of the Guarantee Institutions in SMEs financing is a necessity

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