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Hellenic Development Bank: Ms. Ismini Papakirillou assumed duties of CEO

Hellenic Development Bank-HDB Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Development Bank-HDB, Mr. George Zavvos, welcomed the new CEO.

HDB welcomed the new Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Ismini Papakirillou, who officially assumed duties on Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

HDB Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. George Zavvos, stated:

  • “We welcome Ms. Ismini Papakirillou to  Hellenic Development Bank-HDB family. With her experience in international and European financial organizations, she will actively support HDB’s strategic axes for expanding the number of bankable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), implementing their green and digital transition, and enhancing the extroversion of HDB. On behalf of the Board of Directors and all HDB employees, I warmly welcome Ms. Papakirillou, with whom I am confident we will have a very constructive cooperation, and I wish her a good start in her new duties. Her successful professional career is a guarantee for achieving our strategic goals and further strengthening the position of HDB in the Greek banking system.”

HDB Chief Executive Officer Ms. Ismini Papakirillou, after thanking Mr. Zavvos, added:

  • “It is an honor for me to assume the duties of the Chief Executive Officer at the Hellenic Development Bank. The role of development banks is crucial, as they support small and medium-sized entrepreneurship, which is the backbone of the Greek economy, and facilitate SMEs’ access to funding and  the banking system. SMEs play a key role in promoting digital transformation, employment, and competitiveness. Through their active support, new jobs are created, while new products and services are developed for the benefit of the national economy. Personally, I will work with absolute dedication and consistency to support and strengthen HDB’s strategic goals.”

With a distinguished academic background and years of experience in financing portfolios in top international organizations such as the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), as well as in large private companies in Greece and abroad, Ms. Ismini Papakirillou has a solid knowledge of financial instruments, market dynamics, and European funding programs.