COVID-19 Pandemic: The actions of the Hellenic Development Bank (HDB): "COVID-19 Loan Guarantee Fund and the Entrepreneurship Fund II (TEPIX II)"

Human Resources

HDB is a human-intelligence intensive structure, in which personnel constitutes the building block of operations.
Its human capital is a skillful finance executive team with a high level of technical expertise, catering for  the company objectives in a highly professional and customer-oriented fashion”.

The Fund’s flexible organizational structure ensures a streamlined company operation with easily attainable efficiency benefits.

The employees of HDB  are  recruited and assessed  on the basis of   their dynamic and commercially oriented approach to business, their high sense of accountability, teamwork, responsibility, human –oriented  perception and the pursuit of professional excellence.

In accordance to the versatility of its target market, the Fund’s corporate culture is built upon  respect to  individuality, professional integrity, and  focus  in value creation for the  individual and the business community.

HDB invests in the development of its human capital through carefully planned internal and external training sessions and the establishment of special purpose working groups (project based approach), allowing for a high degree of interaction and  knowledge exchange across team members. This process is the perfect stimulus for ingenuity and adaptability, qualities that help professionals weather the current adverse operational conditions.