COVID-19 Pandemic: The actions of the Hellenic Development Bank (HDB): "COVID-19 Loan Guarantee Fund and the Entrepreneurship Fund II (TEPIX II)"

The Company

HDB is an integral part of the wider greek financial sector focusing in the design, implementation and management of specialized financial actions through the application of innovative financial instruments, delivered by financial institutions to the small and medium size enterprises.

 In this context, the company pools its own funds together with the funds allocated for this purpose by the European Union’s Structural Funds and/or our national resources.

So far, HDB’s business model covers the following functions :

– Design, implementation and management of Portfolio Funds, i.e. independent financial schemes of specific purpose and implementation schedule

– Development and management of loan funds or loan programs within or outwith of a Portfolio Fund umbrella.

– Development and management of guarantee funds or guarantee programs within or outwith of a Portfolio Fund umbrella.

– Combination of the above.

The business agenda of HDB is subject to consultation, agreement and monitoring (including the allocation of funds) by the respective co- financing authority.

Currently, HDB manages three portfolio funds, co-financed by the European Union with administrative discretion:

• Enterprise Fund (Loan Fund and Guarantee Fund)

• Energy Efficiency Fund (or Fund for Energy Efficiency)  

• Fund ENALION (Guarantee Fund)

HDB, as a specialised financial institution, is subject to supervision by the Bank of Greece in terms of capital adequacy, liquidity and the terms of investment in cash reserves.

“Because Entrepreneurship is … our PRIORITY!”

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